2022 La Jolla Energy Conference: Debating the Future of Energy in Latin America and the Caribbean

    September 28, 2022 – September 29, 2022 all-day
    La Jolla, CA
    Institute of the Americas

    We are thrilled for our hallmark La Jolla Conference to resume an in-person format, albeit shifting to late September.

    The global energy sector is undergoing a major transformation, one confronting government and industry alike. Volatility has become part of our daily lives, but certainly also very pronounced in the energy sector.

    We have subtitled this year’s Conference “Debating the Future of Energy in Latin America and the Caribbean.”  The urgent need to reduce emissions while ensuring energy security is at the core of the debate.

    Over 30 years ago, we launched the La Jolla Energy Conference to convene policy and investment discussions focused on Latin America and the Caribbean. Each May since the Conference’s founding, we have hosted energy experts and thought leaders at our home in La Jolla for a high-level, yet relaxed event. We believe our networking space and setting is unrivaled. For the last two years, we have strived to deliver the same high-level dialogue and interaction in an online setting.

    We will dedicate much of this year’s agenda to several of the angles, players, and implications associated with the latest trends and developments. Critical minerals, further deployment of renewables, electromobility, hydrogen, carbon capture and the role for natural gas are all part of the mosaic.

    We believe the La Jolla Energy Conference is an essential platform and space to foster an informed discourse of these and other issues that will shape the energy sector of tomorrow in Latin America. Of course, we will also devote several sessions to key country-specific developments including Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and Venezuela, as well Central America and the Caribbean.

    For further details on the agenda and sponsorship, please contact jmartin@iamericas.org