2021 InvesTaiwan Roadshow

    September 15, 2021 – September 22, 2021 all-day
    arteck Taiwan / Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, SF
    886 2 8797 7333

    Roadshow arrangements

    The DOIS invites veteran industry experts and representatives, as well as U.S. businesses that have invested in Taiwan, to share their insights into Taiwan’s business and investment climate, and their experience in this regard. The DOIS also invites representatives from key industries in the United States to conduct in-depth discussions. Details of the roadshow arrangements are as follows:

    ★ Time:
    U.S. East Coast: Sept. 15, 2021, 8 PM (Eastern Daylight Saving Time)
    U.S. West Coast: Sept. 22, 2021, 5 PM (Pacific Daylight Saving Time)
    ★ Language: English


    Taiwan and the United States maintain close economic and trade relations. The U.S. is Taiwan’s second largest trading partner, while Taiwan is the U.S.’s 10th biggest trading partner. Due to spillover from the China-U.S. trade dispute, Taiwan’s exports to the U.S. have sharply increased. In 2020, Taiwan-U.S. bilateral trade reached US$91 billion, and cumulative FDI between the two sides surpassed US$47 billion. Canada is also an important North American economic and trade partner to Taiwan, and the two sides have in recent years engaged in close cooperation in a range of fields such as ICT, electric vehicles, clean energy, and healthcare.

    Taiwan has among the world’s most important industrial clusters in the fields of semiconductors, panels, machinery, communications devices, electronic materials, and auto parts. Our industry thus has the critical mass needed to quickly accommodate the manufacturing capabilities of foreign companies that invest in Taiwan, which shortens the time it takes to advance from product development to commercialization. In order to seize upon next-generation industrial development opportunities, the Taiwan government in recent years has identified the so-called “5+2” innovative industries and the “Six Core Strategic Industries” as deserving of special development support. In addition, our government is easing regulatory restrictions on industrial innovation and talent recruitment in a bid to attract talent and innovative forces from around the world (including the US and Canada) to locate in Taiwan.

    Over the past couple of years, amid the changing global economic and trade landscape and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the restructuring of global supply chains has accelerated. Taiwan, with its comprehensive industrial clusters and longstanding key role in global supply chains, has served as the best and most trusted partner for foreign enterprises. Responding to the evolving international situation and next-generation industrial development trends, Taiwan continues to optimize its investment environment, while also actively working to attract foreign firms to the island for developing innovative technologies and expanding business opportunities in 5G, AIoT, new generation automobiles, green energy, and smart medicine.

    With the rise of the digital economy in the post-pandemic era, and with Taiwan’s close economic, trade, and industrial ties with the U.S. and Canada, the Department of Investment Services (DOIS) under the Ministry of Economic Affairs organizes online roadshows to promote Taiwan’s industrial development, investment environment, and investment opportunities. The purpose of these roadshows is to help American and Canadian companies grasp industrial trends in Taiwan and position themselves through partnerships with Taiwan industry for next-generation business opportunities.