CalChamber Grassroots Program Rebranding Survey Ends Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the last day you can help the California Chamber of Commerce decide the new name for its grassroots program.

For years, the CalChamber has identified its advocacy outlet devoted to encouraging involvement on legislative and regulatory issues as the Grassroots program.

The Grassroots website provides resources for CalChamber members, and even nonmembers, to send letters directly to elected representatives and regulators, register to vote, or discover new ways to engage in the legislative process.

Through the Grassroots program, California residents can be a voice for change on policy proposals that affect the daily lives of all Californians.

Although the idea of grassroots involvement is simple, the name is one that doesn’t resonate as effectively in 2019 as it did for many years. This is why CalChamber is rebranding the program and seeking your help in choosing the next name for it!

Please help us in deciding the new name for this program as it undergoes an exciting new rebranding by voting for your favorite option in our online poll. The poll will be on the CalChamber Advocacy homepage and the Grassroots homepage until tomorrow. To record your choice, complete the poll below.


Staff Contact: Natalie Leighton