Agenda for California Prosperity


For 2017, see Expanding Opportunity – An Agenda for All Californians.


California is a single state, but many economies. The recovery of the entire state obscures the struggles of many regions and industries. California’s wide diversity of businesses and industries spawns a broad spectrum of concerns about the business climate. But for the diversity of concerns the common thread is cost. This year’s Business Issues and Legislative Guide addresses the foundational issues that provide job-creating solutions for earners throughout the California economic spectrum—but especially for those struggling to break out of the cycle of poverty.

Agenda for California Prosperity

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• Keep taxes on new investment and business operations low, fair, stable and predictable.

• Reduce the regulatory and litigation costs of operating a business—especially when hiring and keeping employees.

• Reduce the cost and improve the certainty and stability of investing in new or expanded plants, equipment and technology.

• Invest in public and private works that are the backbone for economic growth.

• Ensure the availability of high-quality skilled employees.