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Trade Overview

The UAE enjoys a high per capita income and an open economy with a substantial trade surplus. Oil was discovered in the UAE in the 1950s and Abu Dhabi was one of the first emirates to begin exporting oil. Since the discovery and export of oil, the UAE has transformed into an economy with a high standard of living. The UAE has been a member of the WTO since 1996 and a member of Gatt since 1994. The UAE has a population of approximately 9.16 million and a GDP of $370.3 billion. (CIA Factbook, World Bank)

ca-exports-to-uaeTwo-way trade between the United States and the UAE was approximately $25.6 billion in 2016. The United States exported roughly $22.3 billion to the UAE, nearly double the amount of 2010. Exports consisted of $9.3 billion in transportation equipment, $2.9 billion in computer and electronic products, $1.5 billion in non-electrical machinery, and $1.3 billion in miscellaneous manufactured goods. Imports from the UAE were over $3.3 billion, with the top categories being primary metal manufacturing, re-imports, and manufactured commodities.

US FDI in the UAE totaled $13.3 billion in 2016, and UAE FDI into the US totaled $26.3 billion in the same year. UAE FDI contributed to 10,400 jobs in the U.S. THe top industry sectors for UAE FDI were: financial services, transportation, consumer products, communications, hotels and tourism, and metals.

​UAE – California Trade

In 2016, California exported $1.5 billion to the UAE. Agricultural products made up 26.8 percent or $407 million of the total. Computer and electronic products made up 21.6 percent or $327 million of the total. Transportation equipment was credited with 10.8 percent or $163 million of the total. Finally, miscellaneous manufactured commodities held 9.4 percent or $142 million of the total. (U.S. Department of Commerce)

According to the most recent data, the United States invested over $15.6 billion into the UAE, while UAE investment into the United States reached $3 billion (BEA)

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