Advocates for Policies to Help California Employers



Government Relations

CalChamber works in tandem with business leaders throughout the state to promote policies providing greater certainty for employers.



Political Action Network

We run a targeted political action network. Our nonpartisan pro-business leadership fund helps elect pro-jobs legislators.



Statewide Initiative Campaigns

CalChamber takes the lead on statewide initiative campaigns to fight for a strong jobs climate.

Ballot Measures


Go to the Courts

We go to the courts when needed on behalf of California employers and the economy.

Legal Affairs

Compliance Products and Training

Member Services and Compliance Products

IconPhoneLabor Law Helpline
Supports your business needs by providing direct phone contact to the expert support you need to keep your business in compliance with the law.
Allows 24/7 access to forms, checklists, and policies that are frequently updated to reflect changes to California employment law.

IconMoneySpecial Offers & Discounts
From Select Partners

IconShoppingCalChamber Store
Open to nonmembers as well. Offers an extensive library of compliance products and online training that explain complex topics such as California employment law, sexual harassment prevention, and many other human resources subjects in easy-to-understand terms.


HR Expert & Business Advocate™

California Chamber of Commerce (CalChamber) is a not-for-profit organization committed to helping California businesses survive and thrive while complying with complex laws and regulations. Our more than 13,000 members are a diverse group, ranging from companies such as Microsoft and the Walt Disney Corporation to local companies with a handful of employees. (Video includes 2015 Board Chair Joseph M. Otting.)

Business Resources

CalChamber is a comprehensive business resource. From international trade guidelines to industry networking, we’ve got the information businesses need. Businesses up and down the state rely on our daily news updates, legislative analyses and educational forums. Our local chamber services staff, with more than 50 years of combined experience, offers chamber of commerce executives seasoned expertise on local chamber management issues.